Art Toronto 2021
Event Identity, Exhibition & Signage
Client: Art Toronto | Agency: Puncture

Art Toronto is an art fair that primarily focuses on contemporary art from across Canada. 2021 marked Art/TO’s return to presenting in-person art, welcoming back 10,000 collectors, gallerists, artists and art enthusiasts over a weekend.

For this project, I assisted in the concept building phase and later designed signage, environmental graphics, and digital/print collateral leading up to the event.

Creative Director: Spencer Cathcart
Account Manager: Melissa Karjanmaa
Design Lead: Jason Green

Retea Cups
Brand Identity, Art Direction, Photography, Packaging
Client: Retea Cups

Retea Cups is a local business from Toronto that sells reusable bubble tea cups, products, and accessories. We created a visual identity that showed Retea’s belief in sustainability and their pride in being an eco-conscious local business.

Art Direction & Design:
Alvin Zheng and Louise Delfin

Photography by:
Alvin Zheng and Guillermo Quintanilla

Typography is Hard
Book/Editorial Design
Created for a school project

Typography is Hard is a reimignation of an old typography textbook. Visually, the book pays homage to riso printing, an affordable and environmentally conscious way for designers to produce and publish their work.

Soundscapes | Music for the Senses
Campaign, Poster Design
Created for a school project

Soundscapes is a vinyl retailer that needed a visual refresh to connect with a younger audience that has a growing interest in vinyl. Music for the Senses is a poster campaign that plays on the idea that owning and listening to vinyl is more than just music, but an experience that can enlighten all the senses. The campaign features textures that resemble the physical touch of a vinyl, with imagery and tongue and cheek copy that plays on the idea of the human senses. 

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